Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Flu Vaccinations and "Pandemic" Hoax

The SCARY Swine Flu- or H1N1 .... So far there are reports as of today that 12 people in the US have died from it. According to the National Weather Service there were 28 deaths by Lightning in 2008. The chances of dying from the Swine Flu are less than the commonly joked about Bolt of lightning. This raises real concerns for me if the World Health Organization should have raised the Pandemic Level to the highest EVER -Level 5. There are media reports that say there might be forced vaccination for the Swine Flu. Does 12 deaths justify my loss of Liberty? NO!
There are many states that have religious, medical, or moral exemptions for vaccinations. You may think that you are exempt or that you can refuse. Sadly, depending on your state laws, You can be forced to roll up those sleeves an take a vaccination that has had no clinical trials and could possibly cause you to be infected with a horrible disease like Guillain-Barre Syndrome that came from Swine Flu Vaccinations in 1977. There were more deaths as a result of the vaccinations of Swine Flu than from the actual Swine Flu in that Period of time.
The State Law (statutes) in Tennessee:
37-10-402. Conflict with religious tenets and practices of parent. —
In the absence of an epidemic or immediate threat thereof, this section does not apply to any child whose parent or guardian files with proper authorities a signed, written statement that such immunization and other preventative measures conflict with the religious tenets and practices of the parent or guardian affirmed under penalties of perjury.
[Acts 1993, ch. 377, § 1.]
I can not opt-out of the Flu shot if there is a "threat" of a epidemic. It doesn't have to be REAL - just the threat. I may be crazy BUT Before the Government tramples my rights, I think there should be a good reason. The possible threat of a epidemic which isn't really causing mass casualties is NOT good enough to justify forced vaccinations to myself, my son, a perfect stranger, or someone's premie baby.
The Government doesn't have the right to stop me from taking a walk in a Thunderstorm. They should not have the right to inject me when the walk in the thunderstorm and the "threat of lightning" actually poses more of a danger than this Media Hyped H1N1 Hoax!
Tennessee is not the only state that has laws like this. Look them up in your area! Hawaii (HRS § 302A-1157 )will not recognize exemptions if there is "danger of a epidemic" and can legally quarantine you if you refuse. Oregon ( 433.121)can quarantine you if a local health administrator decides there is a probable cause that you might infect someone. Massachusetts (Ch 76: Sect 15) does not allow exemptions during an epidemic or Emergency. Missouri (191.235) allows for any regulations regarding Mercury in the vaccinations can be bypassed during an epidemic or potential health emergency. Missouri ( 190.091) also allows for First responders to be forcefully vaccinated if their boss say so and they can only opt-out with a written statement from a doctor.
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little safety deserve neither liberty nor safety " is inscribed on a plaque at the Statue of Liberty. Are you willing to up your Liberty for a little safety? Are you willing to give up your Liberty for something that is potentially UNSAFE?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

If your VOIP sevice gets hacked you could be considered a terrorist!

Swatting Is A New Prank That Is Causing Police A Lot Of Trouble

Swatting and other types of hoaxes can be done over VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phones such as Skype and Vonage who use an IP address (Internet protocol address). A hacker can steal the IP address and the person receiving the call such as 911, or in this case a college who received a bomb threat, would on their caller ID get the number of the phone which was hacked and not the hacker.

As you can see in this case, it is hard to prove your case when the FBI believes you to be at fault. On Alex Jones' radio show the mother of the 16 year old was a guest. She said, at the time of the bomb threat the kid was at church with many witnesses. Even though he has an alibi, he has been in jail for over 2 months and is to be tried as an adult for his "crime". The FBI testified that there was no such thing as IP hacking and that it was like a finger print that could by no means be disproved.

Here is another example of "Swatting" or IP phone hacking that happened in my area.

(Sorry, it would not let me link to, or embed the video)

I thought in my country, people were innocent until proven guilty. What ever happened to reasonable doubt?